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29, male, Single

Wellington, United States

Hej my names David I'm a 23 year old musician and poet, I'm a singer, I also play guitar and piano, I take music pretty seriously and I have a lot of ambitions and things I want to do in life, I recently got back from Sweden and I might live there again in the future, send me a message if you'd like to chat

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37, male, Single

Wigan, United Kingdom

Artistic musician by choice.. IT because I had to

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41, male, Single

Reykjavik, Iceland

I am currently a lifelong American citizen. Born in Kansas. I self educated and pursued my own interests throughout the course of my life. Having traveled extensively in the US and having raised my daughter here, at the age of 35 (and with the election of a new president) I am now ready to leave this country and live permanently elsewhere. After reviewing potential points of interest I've determined Iceland to be the only country to which I'd like to emigrate. My passion is travel and exploration and enjoying life with all different types of people. I am seeking to develop a relationship with a woman with Icelandic citizenship. Obviously it sounds like I'm looking for more of a business relationship than a romantic one, but truthfully I have been single for 5 years and, like anyone else, would like to someday find love. I would just prefer the person I fall in love with and possibly marry be from Iceland as that also enables my naturalization there. I am experienced in numerous areas of expertise and will work hard to make life there what it needs to be. I am passionate and full of joy, love and wonder. I am an experienced traveler, sailor, musician and survivor. Will do whatever it takes to make my our lives fuller and richer.

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35, male, Single

Crowmarsh Gifford, United Kingdom

Ahoy. I'll keep it short, and if you're bored you can probe me for more. Experienced sad bastard, big music lover (particularly depressing stuff, naturally), philosophical inclinations. I'm also a bedroom musician with a fair sized back catalogue that no one ever listens to. I can be a bit shy at first, but I'm very friendly, with a sense of humour, and not prone to drama. Just looking for a lady to make life a bit more tolerable. Friends might be nice too.

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90, female, Single

Post, United States

i am a young person for my age and a active musician playing in several groups. i am a self started and a very caring person.

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