Understanding Mens Commitment Fears | Men are scared of Commitment

"Understanding Men's Commitment Fears"

You hear it often enough , women complaining that their men are unable to commit to a relationship. Commitment phobia is common among men and typically misunderstood by women. Women tend to take commitment issues personal and while that may be the case some of the time, other times it is simply because he has issues and it really is not you. Commitment phobia can stem from a variety of troubles ranging from he is just not ready for it or perhaps he had a bad experience in the past and doesn't trust women. Men that have recently been divorced do not typically get excited at the thought of legally committing himself to another woman that may leave them and clean them out financially.

Commitment can sometimes put too much pressure on men. It is not always that he's just not that into you. Sometimes men fear the expectations of a full-blown commitment.

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Understanding Men's Commitment Fears

Women conjure up images of the fairytale wedding. However, placing a ring on a woman's finger does not make problems in the relationship vanish as most women think that it does and men fear this aspect of commitment. For example, as soon as a guy places a ring on a woman's finger, she adamantly begins planning what seems to be the wedding of the century.

Commitment phobia can also stem from a fear of freedom and free time. Men fear that when they commit to a woman, they have to give up their independence and free time with their friends. For example, if a guy loves to go fishing on his own or with the guys, he may not have as much time to do so. A committed relationship paves the way to the possibility of a future family, children included. This can scare a guy that still wants to enjoy his independence and hanging with his guy friends.

If you guy is unable to commit, it may be because he wants to pursue other women. Sometimes guys are just not ready for it and wish to date different women so that he is sure he is committing himself to the right one when the time comes. Guys know that settling down with the first woman that comes along is not always the best option. Therefore, it is easier for them to get an idea of what type of woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with, while younger guys date other women because they desire is still in hyper mode.

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